What are the wedding anniversaries?

Never forget the anniversary theme again

When you get married, the road to brownie point bliss is long and winding. One of the key things both of you should never forget is the day you got married. But it's easy to forget the theme your supposed to base your gift on, as the years roll by.

Here's a trusty list to keep you on the right side of thoughtful!

Gift themes are either UK Traditional or Americanised. We're going to list the UK traditional ones, and there's a couple we find quite contentious through the modern ethical lens - so we're going to suggest you find alternatives!

Culturally speaking, whilst the origins of this tradition aren't totally traceable, historians believe it was baked into Anglo culture from Germanic tribal gifts. This tradition, like everything has evolved over time and is a fascinating subject if you fancy learning more.

For now, you want the answers... so here goes. In a very particular order:

1st Paper

2nd Cotton

3rd Leather

4th Fruit & Flowers

5th Wood

6th Sugar

7th Copper/Wool

8th Bronze/Pottery

9th Willow/Copper

10th Tin/Aluminium

11th Steel

12th Silk

13th Lace

14th Ivory

15th Crystal

20th China

25th Silver

30th Pearl/Ivory

35th Coral

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire

50th Gold

55th Emerald

60th Diamond

65th Blue Sapphire

70th Platinum

80th Oak

85th Wine

90th Stone

(And if you make it to stone, you'll both likely have a letter from the Queen already!)

James York
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