How do I change monthly payment details?

When you make your payments monthly, a firm call Premium Credit pay your insurer all the annual premium up front and you pay them back in 10 instalments.

You have a direct relationship with them so this means we can't and won't be able to change details mid-way through a payment schedule. We can cancel payments as part of a cancellation, however.

If you want to change your bank details or anything else related to that monthly payment - please call them directly.

If it's a service or complaint issue with them - let us know by logging in and raising a complaint.

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Which partner should be the Policy Holder?

The policyholder should be the main wearer of the ring.

When entering details of the policyholder, please use those belonging to the ring bearer.

You may, of course, enter your own details as the policyholder partner and can indeed take this insurance out on your partner's behalf.

If you are unsure, please do get in touch and let us know prior to purchasing and we will steer you in the right direction.

I am buying for my girlfriend/fiancé/wife/partner – do they need to be named on the policy?

Yes, it is important that both parties are named in the policy. When you purchase the item and have it in your possession, you have the "insurable interest", however, as soon as you give this item to the "bearer" it is the "bearer" that has the insurable interest. If there are any problems, call us on 0330 880 8326

What documents do you require me to show you when I take out Juno Ring Insurance?

Your Juno policy requires you to source a receipt or valuation for your insured items, preferably from an Institute of Registered Valuers practitioner - - within 21 days of the policy.

A receipt will prove satisfactory if you bought your item within a year of your policy start date. However, for any items purchased over one year ago (from your policy start date) we will need either:

1 - Only your ring valuation, if your jewellery valuer is IRV or NAJ registered.

2 - Your valuation along with a photo of the ring, if your valuer is not IRV or NAJ registered.

3 - No matter when you bought your ring, we will need a GIA certificate if you have a single diamond over the weight of 1 carat.

Scanned copies are preferred but we can also accept photos of documents and rings. If you would like us to check any documentation prior to purchasing then please email them in.

We're really sorry, but for any customer who cannot provide sufficient documentation we will be forced to cancel their policy from inception and no claims will be paid.

How do I send you my documents?

We have a number of super easy methods:

Wallet and document Pouch

Log into your online wallet - click on the document Pouch and upload your documents under your unique policy reference.


You can email your documents to

Please be aware that some emails with large attachments (above 1MB) do sometimes get blocked for security reasons. If you have not received a response from one of our team within 2 working days of having sent in your documents (Posting please allow 5) then please send us a 'nudge' from your Pouch.

Do I or the insured person(s) have to be UK residents?

Yes. Although the unlimited worldwide cover is included as standard, the permanent addresses of those insured must remain in the UK for the duration of the policy period.

If you are unsure if your residential status qualifies for this insurance, then please do email us using the below link.


What if I or my partner move address?

You must make us aware of any clerical changes to the policy. If any insured person moves address then we need to know the exact date of the move as well as the new risk address.

Am I only insured once you have received all necessary documentation?

No, you are insured from your policy start date.

But please be aware, that any lack of sufficient documentation may invalidate your claim. If you are unfortunate enough to claim prior to sending in your documents then please send them with your claim.

If no documentation is provided within 21 days of your policy start date then your insurance will be cancelled from inception, meaning that no claims made during the period will be paid.

Is there a policy excess?

No, there is no excess for this policy. Good news!

How are claims settled?

Once your claim has been received and verified by your insurer then your loss may be settled via one of the following methods:

a. To have your item repaired or restored, and by whom,

b. To replace your item with one of comparable quality,

c. To pay you the current Market Value of the item, or

d. To pay You the Amount Insured.

Each claim is different and are individually reviewed by AXA XL Catlin Insurance Company UK. This is why AXA XL Catlin Insurance Company leave multiple options open to best suit each individual claim.

If you have any questions then p[lease do not hesitate to contact us via email, LiveChat or call on 0330 880 8326.

Can I insure my ring If I bought it abroad and my receipt is in a foreign currency?

We can still cover items purchased abroad and can accept purchase receipts from abroad as proof of purchase if the item was bought within the last 3 years. Your amount insured will be the value on your purchase receipt converted at the rate of exchange on the day cover is purchased.

However, please remember that in the case of a loss we can only replace items in the UK and the maximum we can pay is the amount insured.

If you purchased your item more than 3 years ago, we will require a valuation by a National Association of Goldsmith's Institute Registered Valuer. We may be able to accept valuations from some reputable foreign firms, so for instance if you have purchased the item from Tiffany’s in New York you may not need to obtain a valuation from an National Association of Goldsmiths institute registered valuer.

It is important to note that we cannot insure the currency fluctuation, should this differ to the day of insuring your ring.

I purchased my ring in a sale. What value should I insure it for?

If your ring was sold along with a full valuation then you should insure it for the valuation price.

However, if you only have the till receipt, we recommend that you insure your ring for the full market valet value price of the replacement and not the price of purchase.

Can I download the policy documents and summary?

Yes, if you visit the product guide, the documents are stored on easy to find links at the top of the page, marked "Key Facts" and "Policy Wording" respectively.

Visit Guide

Who are Juno?

We are a 21st-century insurance intermediary, we arrange certain other self-service products, too, each with their own specialist identity. We're here to help, a trading name of Innovative Risk Ltd. who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Is there a minimum premium?

Yes, for 2019/20 this is £65.00 per year. All premiums include Insurance Premium Tax and fees.

Am I required to pay a deposit for monthly payments?

No, the monthly price which you are given in our quote engine does not require a deposit and is inclusive of all taxes and fees.

What ‘value’ do I insure my item for?

The value to be insured should represent the replacement value of each item. This is always the price shown on your valuation and not the price paid at purchase.

Is there a minimum age limit on the policy?

Yes, we're sorry to those that do not qualify, we can only offer cover exclusively where you are aged 22 or over.

Can I insure items for both ladies and men?

Yes absolutely. You can insure single items or collections for both men and women and any combination thereon. Can I insure just one ring or multiple items with you? Absolutely, our product is designed for both single items and collections, so you have the flexibility to insure as much or as few items as you see fit. Whether it’s an engagement ring, eternity ring, one or both wedding rings, or a combination, you have the cover at your fingertips with our product.

What is the maximum I can insure a single item for online?

Your coverage for any single item and also the total combined value of all items is up to £40,000. In other words, you can insure a single ring up to £40,000, or you can insure a combination of an engagement, eternity and both wedding rings as long as the combined value is not more than £40,000.

Is there a “waiting period” before I can claim?

No. Once you are insured, cover commences straight away, subject to the terms and conditions laid out in the wording and contract of insurance.

Should I keep hold of the receipt?

Yes, always keep the receipt as you will need this in the case of a claim. It is also always a good idea to keep photos of the item as this can help should the worse happen.

Am I insured on holiday or overseas?

Yes, you have unlimited worldwide coverage, see the wording for details.

I am a foreign national with a VISA, can I still purchase this insurance?

This should be fine but if you are in doubt please do get in touch, all circumstances are individual and we're always willing to help!

If your permanent address remains in the UK for the entirety of your policy period as well having obtained a valid UK Visa, then you may proceed to purchase this insurance.

What should I do with the items when not being worn?

For items valued up to GBP 20,000, cover is provided whilst at your home address as noted on the policy schedule and whilst away from your home.

When you are away from your home you must be wearing the item; or have it within your close personal custody and control (for instance in your pocket or in a bag which you are carrying), or within a locked safe. If you are staying in a hotel this can be the room safe or the main hotel safe. For items valued GBP 20,000 or over, cover is provided whilst at your home address as noted on the policy schedule and whilst away from your home.

At all times you must be wearing the item, have it within your close personal custody and control (for instance in your pocket or in a bag which you are carrying); or within a locked safe. This applies whether you are in your home or away from your home. This means that if you take the item off at home or elsewhere, it would need to be kept in a safe to be insured (whether at your home or in a bank safe/bank safety deposit box).

There is an additional “safe/worn” exclusion that applies to items valued GBP 20,000 or over whilst staying in a hotel – when the items are not being worn, or within your custody and control they must be kept in the principal hotel safe. There would be no cover if you left the item in your hotel room and it was stolen from your room, even if the item was in the room safe. Occasionally, and depending on the value of a specific item, additional restrictions may apply, but we will always make this clear to you before you buy the cover. If you need clarification on this please call us on 0845 355 1150 (or 01273 407808 if you prefer).

Why are there underwriting questions and what do they mean?

These are eligibility questions employed by the underwriter, they are not designed to trip you up or alienate you. It is merely the terms of the product. They are required for all online purchases. If you “fail” an eligibility question, it is possible we can still help you over the phone.

We’ll just need a little bit more information. Give us a call on 0330 880 8326 and let us help you. In arranging your insurance we will ask a number of questions which you are required to answer.

Please take reasonable care to answer all the questions honestly, to the best of your knowledge and provide full answers and relevant details.

If you do not answer the questions honestly or to the best of your knowledge then your policy may be cancelled or your claim rejected or not fully paid. Providing us with information that is false or inaccurate before or after the start of this policy means you may be committing a fraudulent act, which is a crime.

This may lead to us cancelling your policy and we may also refuse to settle any claim you may have made. Furthermore you may also be subject to either criminal or civil legal proceedings by either the Police or by us. Where help text is provided in relation to a question please ensure that you read this fully to ensure the correct answer is provided.

How do I cancel my policy?

You have a 14 day “cooling off period” which runs from either the date you receive your policy document or the start date of the policy (whichever is later).

During the cooling off period, you will receive a full refund of any premium paid, as long as no claim has been made.

After that time, a refund of the proportionate amount of the premium will be due, less a cancellation fee of £5. This is made to cover administration costs during your time with us.

However, if you have made a claim under the policy, there would be no refund of premium due.

You can request to cancel this product inside your wallet - we're on Worry+Peace, where you can manage our product alongside others. It's free.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • This Engagement Ring Insurance product is designed for shoppers aged 22 years or older - we know that's frustrating for some, drop us a line to discuss it if it's really upset you!
  • We can only insure rings up £40,000 online - for anything more, please do jump on live chat and we'll schedule a Customer Agent to contact you soonest.
  • We can only insure rings. We don't offer cover at this time for watches or other jewellery.

Other requirements (these are also in the checkout process):

  • You read and understand d the Terms & Conditions and Key Facts
  • You are a permanent resident of the United Kingdom and your permanent address is located within the UK; and
  • You, 'the policyholder', or your partner have never been convicted of a criminal offence, (not including motor related convictions)
  • You, 'the policyholder', or your partner have not suffered any jewellery loss, theft or damage in the past 5 years?
  • The insured item(s) are fully owned by the party(ies) to be named in this policy