Insure Multiple Items of Jewellery with JUNO

Insure Multiple Items of Jewellery with JUNO

We settle claims "In-House", this can help cut down the time it takes to settle your claim

Want to insure all your precious rings, together? Go ahead! This product can cater for multiple rings in the same product, be them wedding or engagement. Add as many items as you need and they'll all be covered under the same insurance. Quick, and easy.

Cover for global travel, as standard. Anywhere you go, this insurance goes too. That makes sense because these items are so precious, they never leave your side! There are some security requirements in the terms of this insurance, so please make sure you review them. Otherwise, go and globetrot!

Pay nothing extra if you claim! The excess is your share of a claim. For this engagement and wedding ring insurance, you don't have to contribute to a claim. It's that simple.

Attempted Theft? If your ring is damaged in an attempted theft then let us know as the cost of repair is covered!

Ring but no rock? No matter, we're not that mean. Get cover for rocks that fall from their settings.

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Jewellery type

It's important to insure your jewellery for the correct amount

Wearer's Age

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions or view our Policy Documents to find out more about how Juno can provide you with the cover you need.