Engagement Ring Insurance benefits

Explore the key benefits and features of this engagement and wedding ring insurance, underwritten by Catlin Insurance Company (UK) .

Cover for global travel, as standard.

Anywhere you go, this insurance goes too. That makes sense because these items are so precious, they never leave your side!

There are some security requirements in the terms of this insurance, so please make sure you review them. Otherwise, go and globetrot!

Pay nothing extra if you claim!

The excess is your share of a claim. For this engagement and wedding ring insurance, you don't have to contribute to a claim. It's that simple.

Want to insure all your precious rings, together? Go ahead!

This product can cater for multiple rings in the same product, be them wedding or engagement. Add as many items as you need and they'll all be covered under the same insurance. Quick, and easy.

Stick with us, and we'll reward you.

We reward our repeat, claim-free customers with at least a 10% discount on their renewal. Multi-item customers could enjoy even more!

Underwritten by Catlin Insurance Company (UK), they don't come much bigger.

This makes for an underwriting promise you can trust.

Offering you a specialist product for specialist items, every minute, everywhere.

Engagement and wedding ring insurance is made specifically for these higher value items that go everywhere with you.

This product acts independently from your home insurance. If you are unfortunate to lose or damage your rings, not only will your insurer cover the cost of replacements but your home insurance shall also retain it's no claims bonus.

Get 10% off your next buy, too!

We love to reward our customers for coming back and working with us even more. That's why every client is entitled to a 10% multi-buy cashback. No quibbles, you got it.

Get our brilliantly unique app, Pouch, with every quote, totally free!

Pouch is a world-class insurance wallet, it's your place to store insurances, and you can backup all our documents there automatically, set useful reminders and talk to our support team.

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Ring insurance Cover

Peace of mind anytime, anywhere...

Live in Confidence

Life is hectic. Travel, work, pets and family can lead to a frantic lifestyle, in which rings can and do get damaged. Scratches, dents or lost gemstones are all common place, but fear not.

Get your engagement and wedding rings covered to let you live your daily life with peace of mind. Your insurer will pay for the repair of your rings incurred as a result of accidental damage, up to your amount insured.

All is not Lost

No matter where you are in the world, we will be in there with you. Rings have become a global target for pickpockets and thieves so ensure you are protected.

Whilst no-one can cover the sentimental value of your wedding and engagement rings, your insurance will cover the full cost of a replacement if you lose either of them.

Worldwide Cover

Matrimonial rings are some of the most precious items that we ever own. Unlike other beloved items, we don't usually keep them hidden away. Rings go with you every step of the way, to cities, oceans, forests and foreign lands.

Ensure that you live your life with peace of mind knowing that your insurer will cover the full cost of a replacement ring should the worst happen. So keep active, do what you love, we'll be with you every step of the way.

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